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Fresh Service Inc. is a leading Carpet and Cleaning service provider for both commercial and residential buildings. Our focus is to deliver timely services to the clients on short and long term contract basis, so that they can have the perfect solutions as per their budget and time availability..

Positive Focus

There is no other carpet cleaning system that can beat this. Why?

With Truck Mount Cleaning Technology..carpet cleaning dries around 50% quicker than 'Standard Professional' portable machines.

Deeper, more thorough cleaning. Quicker drying times. Truck mounts are renowned for their power and speed of operation. 

In comparison Truck Mounts operate at around 300-500 PSI, portables are around 50-120 PSI with a 'Standard Professional' portable machine.. 

The average cleaning solution temperature with a truck mount is 200F-250F compared to a 'Standard Professional' portable which is 70F-150F.

The water extraction lift is 250-300 CFM compared to 60-180 CFM with portables. 

It's Just Healthier. 
Amazing Truck Mount Cleaning Example

Fully Self Contained: 

The machine is kept OUTSIDE your premises in our van, so there is no dirty air blowing from the machine exhaust inside your Home or Office.

With a Truck Mount we take all the dirty water away with us, (not put it down your drain!)

We provide all our own clean water (not take it from your sink!) And we use our own power (not yours!). 

Also with the extra power of a truck mount we use safer, milder carpet cleaning products which is better for your carpet and the environment.

Cleaning Services that fit within your pocket!

We at Fresh Service Inc. believe in providing complete satisfaction to our clients. This is the reason that our focus is on creating bespoke carpet cleaning services. With a team of ardent and adept professionals we can make sure that all your domestic as well commercial carpets remain clean and free from any sort of damage.

What separates Fresh Service Inc. from the rest of the players in the market is the fact that we are equipped with all the latest equipment that’s required to clean the carpet completely, and our seasoned staff members have in-depth knowledge of the potential hazards of poor hygiene in floor carpeting. This is the reason that we understand the importance of clean and dry abode, and make sure you get one with our services

The three facts of services that you can expect to get here at Fresh Service encompass –

• Cleaning services that fit within your pocket

• Dependable Solutions to stay safe

• Seasoned staff members capable of handling it all with ease

All these points help us to stay one step ahead of our competition!

So, choose us and keep your carpets clean!

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