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Carpet Cleaning


Biodegradable and environmentally safe for your family and pets.
Biodegradable Carpet Cleaning uses the process of steam cleaning your home using our truck mount system. This system allows the hoses to run from the truck into your home, office, and car. First we apply a pre-spray to the carpet, and then we steam clean using hot water. The temperature of the water varies depending on the surface being cleaned. Biodegradable "GREEN" Carpet Cleaning can eliminate 95% of the germs, bacteria and dirt from the carpet. For most carpets it takes between 6 and 12 hours to dry with a cross breeze.

We at Fresh Service Inc. believe that “first impression is the last impression.” To make sure that your carpet makes a lasting clean impression on the visitors, we adopt state of the art cleaning methodology and give attention to minute details of the surface. We do it all, keeping the size of your pocket under consideration. Fro, Non-Toxic stain releasing techniques to pre-conditioning and extraction, our experts can carry out all these techniques to give you a clean and hygienic carpet that catches the eye of the visitors.

Carpet Cleaning Includes: 
     1. Pre treats all traffic areas and stains to release soils.
     2. Pre treats (surface) pet stains.
     3. Steam clean carpet to remove soils and solution.
     4. Deodorize and sanitize.
     5. Final inspection and groom carpet

Fresh Service. specialists will offer the service most suited for your carpet as well as expert stain and odor removal treatment on such stains as.
     ·    Pet urine and odors 
     ·    Rust 
     ·    Red stains 
     ·    Gum, tar oil and grease 
     ·    Ink

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