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MOBILE DETAILING SERVICE: Relax! we do it all at your Home !

Your time is valuable. Why waste it at the car wash waiting in a line of cars ? Now you can have your car professionally hand washed right at your parking garage, home . With FRESH SERVICE mobile hand car wash and detailing services, your car can be cleaned and detailed while you're working, sleeping or enjoying your free time. many participating garages and we take care of the rest. Our mobile cleaning technicians will perform our signature Wash and Shine, and the next time you pick up your car, it will look like new. your clean Car just a Click away.

Complete Interior Exterior/Exterior Car Detailing  $329.00 (Compact Cars) $350.(Medium) SUV ($375.00)

Treat yourself to the best Fresh Service cleaning has to offer—a full interior and exterior treatment featuring the following services:

Deep Cleansing Body Peel (included)

This treatment combines deep cleansing remove built-up dirt,swirl marks, micro scratches  and sediment hindering the natural shine of your vehicle. Our top ofthe line polish will add protection and beauty to your car’s finish. After this treatment, your car’s paint will have a fresh, dewy ‘after-the-spa’ look. In addition, all chrome and emblems are professionally detailed.

Mobile Cleaning Full Body Makeover (included)

Our car therapists  target all the trouble areas inside your vehicle with special attention to the smallest details. First, the interior is completely vacuumed to remove all loose dirt and debris that builds up over time. Second, the carpet and upholstery  cleaned with optic brighteners to deeply penetrate and remove all impurities. Third, all vinyl and leather surfaces are cleaned and treated with conditioners to provide lasting hydration and shine. Fourth, all windows, gauges, mirrors, and chrome are cleaned and polished to complete the spa makeover.

Executive  Engine Scrub (Not Included in Exterior/Interior Detailing) $89.00 Extra

This treatment is all about getting to the down and dirty. The entire engine compartment is degreased and cleaned with a high-quality scrub to remove piled on dirt, grease, grime, and exhaust soot. Following the deep cleaning , all hoses, valve covers, liquid containers, battery and other areas are cleaned and detailed. Your car’s engine will look as clean as it did the day you drove it off the lot!

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